MedNET Financial, Inc.:

Providing Insurance Protection for the New Jersey Healthcare Community

Since 1984, MedNET Financial Inc. has worked almost exclusively with Physicians and Dentists. Currently, MedNET secures professional liability coverage for over 1000 healthcare providers in New Jersey. MedNET's specific expertise is the area of individual and small doctor groups. We have specifically maintained "partner" contacts with clients and not layers of uncaring staff.

Meeting Your Needs in a Comprehensive and Efficient Manner

In an increasingly time restrained environment, MedNET affords its clients the ease of one call integration of their needs and products. The convenience and time savings of working with one person who has a comprehensive knowledge of your business and personal insurance and planning, allows you to effectively manage your time and maximize your earnings.


Insurance Tip

Make a video of your house, including each and every room and all its contents (including drawers and closets). Store the video in your safety deposit box. At the time of a claim it is difficult to recall everything in a room. Go to the videotape!